How to Keep Your Milk Tank Clean and Safe

It’s important to keep your milk tank and the surrounding area as clean as possible. Here are our top five tips to help you ensure your tank is kept in excellent condition:

Bulk milk tank

Ensure your Milk Tank is cleaned every time it is emptied
This is essential for ensuring that no old milk remnants contaminate your fresh milk supply. Most Milk Tanks now come with automated washing systems. If your Milk Tank is empty, leave the plug or valve open so it can drain.

Keep the area surrounding your Milk Tank clean and tidy:
Whether your Milk Tank is inside or outside, keep the surrounding area clear from debris and other contaminants. This not only ensures good dairy hygiene but keeps the area free from hazards that you may trip or fall over.

600mm clear space around the tank is recommended.

Check your Milk Tank regularly:
You need to carry out regular visual checks to make sure that your Milk Tank is running effectively. Are any bungs or covers damaged or missing? Are there any cracks in the tank or pipes? Is liquid or gas leaking out? It is much easier to fix small issues before they escalate and become larger problems.

Make sure your drains are not blocked:
Blocked and/or ineffective drainage in the vicinity of your Milk Tank can contaminate your milk supply and potentially cause a health and safety hazard.

Keep bins covered and empty them regularly:
Any bins near your Milk Tank should be covered and emptied on a daily basis in order to reduce the risk of rats and other vermin getting near, or in, the Milk Tank.

Regularly having your Milk Tank serviced will ensure that it stays in optimum condition and reduces the likelihood of expensive repairs being needed in the future.

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