Bulk Milk Tank Servicing and Maintenance

The F-Gas regulations state that Bulk Milk Tanks need to be leak tested at least once a year. The company that purchases your milk may want to see proof of this testing for compliance purposes.

Keeping your Bulk Milk Tank regularly serviced and maintained ensures that you continue to provide a high-quality, safe milk yield, and saves you money in the long-term as you are less likely to need expensive repair work.

The service we provide includes not only F-Gas leak testing, but probe calibration, wash system servicing and Refrigeration Servicing, meaning that you are covered in line with the requirements of the Farm Assurance Scheme.

We offer servicing and maintenance for all makes and models of Bulk Milk Tank, with our skilled engineers carrying a wide range of spares on their vehicles, ensuring that if a Repair is needed we can complete it the same day.

If you need us for a Repair, for example if you have an evaporator leak, we are here to help and can provide a 24/7 Service across the North East and Yorkshire.

Call us on 01765 609790.